Antique Tapestries

Old tapestries tell a story or depict a member of royalty or a historic event. A form of textile art hand-woven on a freestanding vertical loom, tapestries date as far back as Hellenic times. The oldest-preserved Greek tapestry, which dates to the third century B. But most tapestries are not that old. A few telltale clues can help you approximate its age and authenticity, but to determine its value and actual age, you need the services of a textile appraiser. The warp, which serves as the base for the tapestry , tapestry, has yarns or threads aligned horizontally or vertically, depending on the loom, with a space between them for weaving the weft threads.

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Machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Packaged in a protective box. These can be hung with command strips on the wall or used as blankets! Final product may vary in color from mock-up slightly. Are you a Maker?

This antique tapestry was woven in France in the s. This French tapestry is quite old, dating back to the midth Century, or the ‘s.

We are still shipping orders, please place your order online. Do you ever wonder why some tapestries are considered highly valuable while others are not? But how do experts determine the age of these wondrous creations of art? Here are the ways you can tell the age of a tapestry:. Yes, professional textile appraisers exist for the sole purpose of figuring out the worth and authenticity of your tapestry.

These professionals physically test everything, ranging from the dyes to fabric quality to arrive at an accurate estimate. If you are looking to add a beautiful tapestry to your home, please visit our website at www. We have an extensive collection of already made tapestries to choose from and will also work with you to design a custom tapestry to your liking.

Verdure Tapestry

Antique tapestries are woven textiles that feature a pictorial image. Hand-woven examples date from the Middle Ages. From to , Flemish and French masters produced exquisite illustrations of Classical, historical and biblical scenes.

Antique Aubusson tapestry is made in tapestry technique are among the most elegant and luxurious antique floor coverings. The true date when the production​.

The interior contains tapestry of the 16th century and other works of art. In the interior there is some valuable tapestry of the 15th century, and other works of art. Loom-weaving in its simplest form began with the Chilkats of Alaska, who hung the warp over a long pole, and wrought mythological figures into their gorgeous blankets by a process resembling tapestry work.

The maroon tapestry mirrored highlights in the rich hardwood floor. The Riddersal, a spacious room, is covered with tapestry representing the various battles of Christian V. On the occasion of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon the city was gorgeously ornamented with rich silks and tapestry , and Goldsmiths’ Row Cheapside and part of Cornhill were hung with golden brocades.

The city manufactures silk, leather, tapestry , woollens, linen and cotton, and has an active general trade. Admiral Sallandrouze de Lamornaix belonged to a family of tapestry manufacturers established at Aubusson since the beginning of the 19th century. For the tapestry manufacture formerly flourishing at Arras see Tapestry. Stothard in , published in the sixth volume of Vetusta Monumenta; but inthe ” tapestry ” was photographed for the English education authorities by E.

It contains some fine tapestry and portraits, and the Lee Pennyfamiliar to readers of Sir Walter Scott’s Talisman-which was brought from Palestine in the 14th century by the Crusading knight, Sir Simon Lockhart. Marignan questioned, on archaeological grounds, the date assigned to the tapestry , as the Abbe de la Rue had questioned it ninety years before; but his arguments were refuted by Gaston Paris and M.

Antique Tapestry

A Victorian woolwork tapestry depicting a pheasant within a vine and acanthus and additional flowers, mounted in a gilt composition frame with ver A tapestry Catalogue only, live bidding available via our website. A quantity of pictures and mirrors inc tapestry Catalogue only, live bidding available via our website. Catalogue only, live bidding available via our website. Victorian walnut pole screen, tapestry panel raised on baluster turned column and platform base with paw feet, Hcm – Condition Report.

A large 20th century tapestry depicting a figural scene, the frame bearing a brass plaque ‘Facsimile Beauvais Tapestry circa ‘, by cm.

Our antique tapestries date from the 16thth century. Les Looms has owned and operated a gallery at the Manhattan Art & Antique Center for over 30 years.

Posted by: Pillow Decor on February 2, Many people decorating the interiors of their homes opt to shy away from classic French tapestry, believing that such designs are stuffy and outdated. French tapestry designs are making a comeback, however. These designs are occurring in pillows, wall hangings, and more. Tapestries varied enormously in quality throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance , depending on the skill of the weaver, precision of detail in the weave, and, of course, in the quality of the materials being used.

The purpose of the first tapestries was also varied. They were used to block out drafty weather, divide large rooms into smaller, more intimate spaces, and simply as high quality decorations to relax the feeling of cold medieval stone walls. Tapestries today serve much the same decorative purpose. Rare, centuries-old tapestries are technical marvels displayed in high-end European homes and museums.

They add wonderful depth, warmth, and dimension to a space, and can offset the sometimes stark lines of modern architecture. However, many antique tapestries are enormous, which can require designs to accommodate the tapestries — rather than the other way around. Tapestries are beautiful, but because of their size, they often become the focal point of a room. Unless you are actively designing a period room, the result can feel very out of date.

Enchanting Pictorial Tapestries from France

Tapestries have been hung on walls as a form of decor or communication for many centuries. Thousands of years ago,ancient Egyptians used tapestries to wrap the bodies of the dead when burying them. The Greek Empire had several civic buildings that had their walls covered in tapestries. People like wall tapestries because they are lightweight and easy to hang.

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By Carol Dubilo Posted July The continuing evolution of handbags started centuries ago when men carried the first purses. However, it wasn’t long before women’s necessities were crowding their pockets. Their hand fan, snuff bottle, smelling salts, hair accessories, handkerchief and prayer book all caused unsightly bulges to their shapely curves. The solution to this disturbing dilemma has resulted in an unending entourage of every sort of purse imaginable. By the s, hand woven tapestry handbags became an integral part of fashion.

Vintage French Tapestries for Contemporary Decor

Boreas and Orithyia from a set of scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses , designed ca. Wool, silk, metal thread; H. Kellogg,

We proudly offer a fine selection of 17th and 18th Century tapestries. Most of our antique tapestries are French aubusson, the finest antique Sort by Date.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Email to a Friend. Search: Search. Late 16th Century Audenarde Mythological Tapestry. Rug SJ 1 Size: 21’6″ X 11’4″. Description Audenarde Mythological Tapestry Panel Audenarde, Southern Low Countries 11’4 high x 21’6 wide Late 16th Century The tapestry has three distinct scenic sections: hunters to the left, aristocratic figures to the right and a figural group of gods and goddesses in the sky above.

The coloring is vivacious and well balanced, with no loss in the usually fugitive reds and yellows. In other words, it is well preserved with probably only size reduction affecting the outermost plain strip. The facial expressions of the figures are realistic and their gestures quite natural. The gnarled tree to the right is complex and believable. The subject let us state at the very outset, is a real puzzle.

The origin of the piece is quite clear: there are other tapestries with the same border attributed to Audenarde and, we may state, emanate from the same workshop.

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