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This section will introduce of to the application procedure. It should help you in your preparation of the required application documents. The application process involves several steps. In order to apply please proceed as follows:. It is possible and welcomed if the above-mentioned documents are merged into one PDF. You will receive all further information by e-mail, therefore a valid e-mail address is crucial. The application deadline for the intake in October is 1st March Deadline for application is March 1st, of the graduate programme starting on October 1 of the same year. Results of the evaluation of applications will be announced soon after the deadline.

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Even you drive to here, they provide parking space also. There is an organic supermarket just next to the hotel. However, the bar in the hotel is also nice. The best thing for me, they provide me two-days traffic card of Bonn, which can take the bus, U-bahn and S-bahn Compare to the pric I loved it.

Arrival date. Cancellation deadline. Cancellation fee for Orientation www.​ Follow the link to “Academic Calendar“. Please be aware.

GEO help: Mouse over screen elements for information. Not logged in Login. Series GSE Ribosome profiling of selenoproteins in vivo reveals consequences of pathogenic Secisbp2 missense mutations. Mus musculus. Pathogenic mutations in SECISBP2 reduce selenoprotein expression and lead to phenotypes associated with the reduction of deiodinase activities and selenoprotein N expression in humans.

To separately probe both functions, we established here two mouse models carrying two pathogenic missense mutations in Secisbp2 previously identified in patients. The RQ missense substitution located in the selenocysteine insertion domain resulted in residual activity and caused reduced selenoprotein translation, as demonstrated by ribosomal profiling to determine the impact on UGA re-coding in individual selenoproteins.

We found, however, that the RQ variant is thermally unstable in vitro and completely degraded in the mouse liver in vivo, while being partially functional in the brain. The moderate impairment of selenoprotein expression in neurons led to astrogliosis and transcriptional induction of genes associated with immune responses. SOFT formatted family file s. MINiML formatted family file s.

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The committee represents student interests before the university, society and politics, and its members are elected by the student government. Room: 1a Phone: Mail: vorsitz asta. We not only want to offer services, but also want to help shape the climate and conditions of the university and improve them wherever possible.

To date, seven Nobel prizes and three Fields Medals have been awarded to faculty and alumni of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn: Nobel prize.

The University of Bonn offers many undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of subjects and has professors. Its library holds more than five million volumes. As of August , among its notable alumni, faculty and researchers are 10 Nobel Laureates , 4 Fields Medalists , 12 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize winners as well as some of the most gifted minds in Natural science, e.

In the spirit of the Enlightenment the new academy was nonsectarian. The academy had schools for theology , law , pharmacy and general studies. The academy was closed in after the left bank of the Rhine was occupied by France during the French Revolutionary Wars. The Rhineland became a part of Prussia in as a result of the Congress of Vienna. At this time there was no university in the Rhineland, as all three universities that existed until the end of the 18th century were closed as a result of the French occupation.

The new university was equally shared between the two Christian denominations. This was one of the reasons why Bonn, with its tradition of a nonsectarian university, was chosen over Cologne and Duisburg. Apart from a school of Roman Catholic theology and a school of Protestant theology, the university had schools for medicine, law and philosophy. Initially 35 professors and eight adjunct professors were teaching in Bonn.

The university constitution was adopted in In the spirit of Wilhelm von Humboldt the constitution emphasized the autonomy of the university and the unity of teaching and research.

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See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. This years old German higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment. Important : admission policy and acceptance rate may vary by areas of study, degree level, student nationality or residence and other criteria.

Important : the above section is intended to include only those reputable organizations e.

Welcome to the University of Bonn Department for International Students For up-to-date university policy developments, check out this website, read the ‘fw’.

It has been funded through the Excellence Initiative from to Specialisation fields are theoretical and experimental particle and hadron physics as well as photonics and condensed matter physics, and mathematical physics. In addition, courses broadening their expertise into neighbouring, related fields enable students to understand interdisciplinary contexts. These include classes from the Master of Astrophysics programme offered by our department as well as courses at our partner university in Cologne.

The Master’s programme includes one year of coursework: compulsory theoretical and experimental lecture courses and laboratory work, specialisation courses, elective advanced lectures and seminars in the fields of theoretical or experimental particle physics, condensed matter and photonics. During the second year, work on a research-oriented thesis is required, including project planning.

Modules are credited according to ECTS and are evaluated based on the results of written or oral examinations, reports, talks, etc. Research internships are a key element in the research training of the graduate school.


Filarial parasites can cause debilitating diseases such as lymphatic filariasis elephantiasis and onchocerciasis river blindness , but they also modulate the immune system of their hosts to prevent the development of pathology and to enable their long-term survival within the host. Up to date there is no short-term treatment regimen available that mediates a macrofilaricidal efficacy kills the adult filariae nor a vaccine that prevents the infection with filariae.

My group has the overall goal to enhance the translation of basic and preclinical research into human studies to develop new therapies and treatments for neglected tropical diseases NTDs.

fine, but also the interpretation of these dating methods, as when she universität bonn ▫Abt. für Skandinavistik Am Hof 1d Bonn. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Simek.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Location Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Sabine Schrenk, University Bonn edit. Gabriele Schmidhuber Teil: Schiffsrekonstruktionen. Duisburg, Publication Date: Save to Library.

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The United Nations University (UNU) is the academic arm of the United Join our team in Bonn Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to stay up to date.

Positions come with a reduced teaching load. The hiring and promotion processes will place emphasis on top-level research and scholarship. The research focus of the institute is to enhance understanding of individual decision making and behavior as well as causes and consequences of inequality, broadly understood. Areas of research include, among others, the foundation of decision making, behavioral applications to the fields of public and labor economics, as well as child development and skill formation.

The institute aims to enable outstanding research by offering administrative and financial support, including running large-scale randomized control trials RCTs. The institute provides an international platform for top-level researchers in behavioral economics and inequality. An international visitors program, workshops, conferences and summer schools offer opportunities for international cooperation.

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Before admission E-mail: ims ukbonn. We are glad to answer all your requests in Arabic, English and German language. An automatic confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours after the arrival of your query per email or via telephone. Your request will then be processed in the shortest possible time and you will receive a personal reply.

Please see Cancellation Policy for the Orientation Course. Sessional Dates. Academic Calendar Follow the link to “Academic.

The MSc Neurosciences programme aims towards an integrated understanding of modern neurosciences over the full spectrum of current research, ranging from molecules and physiology to morphology. A strong emphasis is placed on practical research experience in the laboratories of the participating departments and research groups. Mandatory courses on neuromorphology, neurophysiology, and molecular neurobiology will lay the foundation in the first semester.

At the same time, students will have the opportunity to focus their interests on any of these fields or select from a wide spectrum of courses addressing topics such as neuroethology, neurogenetics, clinical neurosciences, cognitive neurosciences, reconstructive neurobiology, etc. A total of credit points 30 per semester will be accumulated during two years of study.

For maximum choice and compatibility, the curriculum is divided into modules, combining courses, lectures, seminars and laboratory work. During the first semester, three compulsory modules 7. Additionally, students have to choose one elective module 7. In the second semester, a fourth compulsory module propagates knowledge in statistics, scientific writing, and research ethics.

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